a month or so ago....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a month or so ago, I was confronted by a miserable and nasty person saying hateful and seemingly mean things to me...telling me "how they felt about me..." since "they finally could..."  Mind you, this was unsolicited information, from a person I do not even consider an acquaintance let alone a friend.  Why she went out of her way to tell me this stuff was, at the time, a mystery because are not in each others lives at all....but over time, and reflection it did become a little more clear.  At first I was a little upset, obviously being attacked by a dog will hurt....even if that dog is just biting you with words....and at first I would think about it almost every day, playing over the things I said in response to her comments, and how she just kept trying to be so offensive.  This morning, reading some of my older posts I saw my post the day after that happened, and it reminded me-obviously now, I have not thought about it for a week or so....and this is when I realized my clarity on it.

Some people are hateful and ugly no matter who are what you are as a person.  There is nothing I can do or could have done to prevent this creature from attacking me.  I acted like a lady and kept my dignity and still do this day.  To have it come at you out of the blue, only proves the misery this person must feel and the sheer jealousy they must feel towards me, for whatever reason truly does bring some peace and understanding into my heart & mind.....

Since this was the first time in my life something like this has happened, I have learned a lot & am better prepared for it in the future....

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  1. You're a sweet young lady Lela & I am sorry you've had to deal with someone being so ugly. I am proud of you for staying calm & being a lady. Keep trusting your instincts when it comes to people, this proves it never has to this date let you down.



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