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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Facebook isn't a personal private page, where you can post things that you're feeling when you're blue. People do not want to hear about your hard times, unless it's just to gossip to others about, because they are either really lonely & sad in their own lives-or they were jealous of what you had and now that you're having a hard time it makes them happy....and takes away that green monster.  IDK what it is.  I try not to fall into it, and have removed people from my life that do these things.  When I was younger I hardly noticed this about certain friends-my mom would always point it out-but I wasn't as eager to know this about people.

These past weeks have been very difficult for our family.  I won't go into details, but just know it's been hard.  I have had a few people to talk to about it but decided when everything came to light that I would keep it all on the down low because really the only people that matter in the entire situation is who's living under my roof, they will be the people affected & they are the ones that I am most concerned about.  People will have their opinions, and they'll say "well if it were me..." but the fact of the matter is-at some point this was you and you dealt with it similarly to how I am....or it's never happened to you & so you cannot say what you'd do because you simply do not know truly until your faced with a hard decision.

I have not made the hard decision yet, that final decision.  I have put things into perspective and I have put things into categories.  Trying to make sense of every single moment and every single piece of information I have so I can make a final sound decision.  It's important to me and it's important to my family.  Am I making a mistake?  Maybe, but only I will know that.  Only I know what I have to loose if I give up.  Well, I say only I-but there is another person who knows that they also have a lot to loose.  And we are working through that together.  With love & kindness......

It's easy to look at the little picture and make a rash quick decision, it's quite another thing to look at the big picture....

Keep us in your prayer....

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