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I'm going to snap...

One day, I am going to just snap and let out years of frustration regarding situations and it will be devastating to all involved.

I don't say a lot of things that need to be said, I hold back a lot  for many different reasons.  But I feel, I am being pushed or tested and I am coming close to the end of what I can actually deal with.

I try to keep reminding myself that this to shall pass & this is just a temporary feeling; but I truly do not know how much bullshit, lies and BULLSHIT I can handle.

The truth is the truth, plain and simple.  Not only is MY version true, but I have photographic evidence that it is true.  If a negative sad false life is what you want, I am sorry but I can never go down that road with you anymore.  To save myself from causing someone else great pain out of anger and frustration; I am praying hard-HARD HARD HARD that I can hold it together.  Just a little longer.

I have a great little support system, thank GOD!  I don't know what I'd do if I didn't...oh wait yes I do..I'd have already S.N.A.P.P.E.D.!

with love, Lela
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Teresa's Birthday

Today is this beautiful young ladies 26th birthday.  She was born to a single mother of only 16 years.  Luckily this mother lived with a great mom of her own & a very helpful little sister.

She was born premature, three months.  She was only 2.2 pounds & the first week she was born (as most babies do) lost some weight & so at her lowest she was 1.14 pounds.

But she was strong, strong inside and outside.  She only had to use a breathing tube for five short days.  She was in the hospital however, for 2 1/2 long months.  But that gave her plenty of time to grow & get stronger.  When she left the hospital she was almost 5 pounds.

She has always been a unique soul.  Born into a century that probably wasn't hers.  She has been a bit old fashioned, clairvoyant and brilliant.  She used to pretend she was a horse, among other animals & she wished we could have her "fixed" so she never had to have kids-because her younger brother Gavin was such a pain to her.

There are so many things I could say about this girl, I could go on and on....but mostly I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DAUGHTER-I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!

with love, Lela
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