Me & My Big Head

This is the last selfie I have taken, which was taken about two months ago.  When I was younger, I used to take tons of photos of myself. I would blame it on the fact that I needed & wanted someone to "model" for me, so I could practice editing - but maybe that was a lie I told myself.  Maybe I just liked having a ton of photos of myself, I am not sure-I cannot really remember what was going on in my head so many years ago.  One thing I know is for sure-I do not enjoy it anymore.

And one thing is for sure, it's sad - because not only do I not like "selfies" I also don't really want to be in someones photos......even with my kids. I need to try really hard to remember that this needs to happen.  I need myself in these photos as well so my kids have something to look back on and enjoy when I am a. gone or b. to old to enjoy the things I once did.

Speaking of which, when was the last time you had photos printed?  If I am being honest, it's been years for me.  Time to implement a few changes. I guess.

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