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Do you think that in our hurry to be so "accepting" we are missing the real point in acceptance?

My thoughts are, it is a good idea to make people who "identify" a different gender then what nature gave you at birth feel more comfortable.  I do not know anyone who is transgender & none of my children do either so I cannot say how this young people (or old people) feel.  I can only imagine what I would do if my son or daughter starting to "act" like the opposite of what they were born.  It seems to me, that the parents are the ones forcing these children to be one or the other, why can't a young girl who likes short hair, sticks, cars & climbing trees just be a girl who likes those things-not a girl trapped in a boy body.  And why can't a boy who likes pink, dolls, caring about his appearance just be a boy who likes those things-not a boy trapped in a girl body?  I mean, we are trying to teach people acceptance...what if this shit about picking sides started when this child was young...earlier enough to understand the human language?  Why not let them like what they like early on, not force them NOT to, or label them?  Isn't that true acceptance?

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I don't know everything, obviously-if I did I'd have a much better paying job :) but I do know human kindness & it doesn't just start when a child is old enough to know about sexuality-it starts from the womb.

But maybe I am just to simple minded.  Maybe I am a dreamer.

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