Olivia & the "Glitter"

Miss O is so good at following instructions these days when I ask her to model for me.  A lot of times she really does try to do what I ask her to do-and some of those times she enjoys herself too.  This past weekend I asked her to "model" for me, and had her pretend to blow into her hand so I could try something out I had seen on a few blogs I follow.  This is what we came up with, she was rather proud of herself....but reminded me that she didn't remember blowing any "dots" around.  I love that kid.

 Our beautiful girl.
 That is the smile of a happy girl right there.
Woops, maw was trying to get away!  On the way to Maw's house this particular day, Olivia says "Maw loves me.....and I love her", I look back at her all strapped into her car seat and she's smiling looking off in the distance as if she's remembering a wonderful loving moment she shared with my mom.  This kid, she's something else.

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