Oh, a bikini...

I did something crazy, I bought a bikini.  I didn't go crazy and get a wild color or a wild print-but I did buy a black and white polka-dot bikini.  Yes I did.

I probably won't ever wear it out in public, I'll probably only wear it at home but it's a start.

I blame this all on the body positive plus size ladies out there.  THANK YOU LADIES!!
And for good measure, I bought this one too.  I have it in black but I thought Orange & Blue would be cute too....


  1. Oh wow, I really do love that two piece and I like the one piece too.
    I think I need to get one now, where did you buy it from? Are you going to post pictures of yourself in it?

  2. I don't know about sharing a photo of me, lol!