O & Daycare (the don'ts)

I'd like to send out a special THANK YOU to Kountry Kids Day Care, in Lake City Florida for calling us in the middle of the work day yesterday to let us know that "we" must have been confused about the "THREE" conversations my husband had with the owners regarding our daughters schedule.  We appreciate you calling us to let us know that Olivia would no longer be able to attend your daycare because you, don't have her on the roster & no longer have space for her.  I understand that she's only there every other week, and only for three days - but this was a schedule that was agreed upon PRIOR to us signing her up to your establishment & as I stated before-discussed THREE times prior to your interesting call yesterday with the owner & my husband.  Trust me, WE are not confused about OUR daughters schedule - but you obviously are.  But that's okay, you don't want our money-fine.....we have found someone else who does.  We actually found a place that's been in business since 1981; has cheaper daily rates, serves two meals a day (home cooked), and is open earlier so my husband can actually make it to work on time.

Again THANK YOU, this actually worked out in our favor.  I will try not to write you a bad review on social media due to the freak out moment I had after your call!

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  1. AND AN UPDATE ON THIS: Olivia just loves her new daycare....a lady from the OLD daycare will be starting work there on Monday & she dropped in Wednesday to fill out some paperwork, we were told that when O saw her she ran to her yelling her name and hugged her & didn't want to let go. Our girl is just the sweetest.