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Sometimes you just get lucky, when you pull off at the river to take a few snaps of your kids-with your celly! Sometimes they smile, or have on a wrinkled shirt, or


I really do love our nightly routine. Come home, get dinner prepped and cooked, have dinner together, bath time & then snuggling on the sofa together. Nothing beats it.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Little Miss O was lucky enough to be able to attend her 2019 Daddy Daughter Dance at her school this year. She had a fantastic time, from getting ready to actually leaving. When I was closing the door of the truck, she looked at me and said

Oh my Deer

We sure love taking the opportunity to use these sweet little deer horns in a quick photo session. Olivia is my favorite model currently-when she is being “serious” about a photo session.

The Farm

While I was visiting my daughter & son-in-law in Portland Oregon last week, we took a short trip out of town to a small family farm to visit a couple near and dear to my son-in-law’s heart, Tyna & Richard.

The Grotto

If you’re ever in Portland OR I would highly recommend visiting The Grotto! What a gorgeous, peaceful and truly amazing spot. Here are a few pictures I captured during my visit.